The builder says we need a locator online

Question: The builder at a new site we are about to start working on has a rule that I have to get a locator out to the site. But I don’t bother getting locators out to sites anymore as in the past they have never been able to find anything for me. How much do you charge just to send me the paperwork to say that you have been out and can’t locate anything here?


hahaha hahaha, ok, sorry mate, but we can’t really help you.

Firstly, we don’t give reports to say we’ve done something when we haven’t done anything. Secondly, you say that the previous locators you have used couldn’t find anything for you. Yes, there are some dodgy guys out there who call themselves locators, but even they still should have been able to find the basic stuff. Did they explain the reason why they couldn’t find what you were looking for?

There are some legitimate reasons why a locating technician might have issues onsite. These could include soil connectivity, signal distortion, utilities not being conductive, even just basic interference from a fence or cars parked in the area. There are techniques and systems you use to try and avoid some of these, or at least reduce their effect. Maybe you just need to hire the right guys initially, and then you would have a better perception of what a locator can and can’t do. Why don’t we come out to site and see if we can help you out?