Will you guarantee that you will find everything?

Question: If we get you guys to come out to site does that mean you will guarantee that you will find everything?


No. We will guarantee that we will do everything we can to assist you in the process of finding all the underground cables and pipes onsite, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find every single cable or pipe that may be laid within the areas that you are working.

Every excavation has an element of risk to it.

We do everything we can to help minimise your risk, but we can not eliminate it.

Before we get to site, your chances of hitting an underground service are extremely high, if you use the services of a professional cable locator then the risk is greatly reduced.

After we have finished onsite we will most likely give you a list of recommendations and suggestion on ways you can go about reducing your risk of hitting any of the services we have located for you. If you follow our advice then your risk will be reduced even more so.

However, short of use doing the whole excavation for you with our Hydro / Vacuum excavator you will still always have a level of risk of hitting underground services.