Question: Can you locate a plastic water pipe?


No. Well, actually, maybe, it depends on a couple of thing.

If the pipe has been laid with a tracer wire (a copper wire they lay with some plastic pipes so you can locate them in the future) then yes, we will actually locate the tracer wire and this in turn means you know where the plastic pipe is – as long as it is directly next to it!

However, all is not lost if there is no tracer wire.

These days we can locate plastic pipes using ground penetrating radar and/or acoustic locating.

Here is the link to our ground penetrating radar page, where you can get more information about GPR

Here is the link to our acoustic locating page, where you can get more information about acoustic locating.

I have also done a video in which we actually located a plastic water pipe that was going from a meter in the front garden to the house, and yes it was a plastic pipe.

And if neither of those two methods works, we can bring the hydro excavator out to dig down and expose the pipe for you.