Concrete Scanner – Tentatively booked in

Ok, so that is it you are all done. Thank you for making an online booking with us. A Concrete Scanner has now been tentatively booked in.

We will now have a supervisor review the details you have given and confirm if we have everything that we need. They will then be in touch to either confirm the booking has been locked in, or to obtain additional information that may have been left off the online booking form. So, now, in terms of the job itself, there are a few things we need to go through, if you have used us before or have a good understanding of the how concrete scanning work then some of this will be pretty obvious to you, but it can’t hurt going through them anyway;

  • Time is money, the longer we have to spend onsite moving things out of the way to make the scan area accessible and safe the more you will be charged, so spend the time yourself or get one of the apprentices to do it, clear and clean the site so that we can have full access to the area you want us to scan.
  • The wheels of the cart are quite small and any bit of dirt can get caught up in there and will affect the results so make sure you sweep the area up.
  • The age and density of the concrete will affect how deep it can penetrate, but a general rule of thumb is 300mm. If you need a slab scanned thicker than 300mm then you will need to get us access from both sides of it.
  • If you need a full report typed up with images and details of the results then we will need to know now, when you book the job in so that we can make sure we bring the necessary equipment with us. Once the scan has been completed, we can not perform a report without doing the whole scan all over again.

If after reading these points you think that there may be an issue please get in touch with us. If it is a question about access then can organise the hire of elevated work platforms. If you have no staff and no time to clean the site yourself, then that is fine we can do it, you may just want to go back and edit how long you have allowed for us onsite to complete the works. If you are on site then feel free to take photos of the area that you need scanned and send them through to us.