Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)

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Are you planning on doing some excavating?

Regardless whether you’re digging inside private property or working out in the street you should always do a Dial Before You Dig request.

Dial Before You Dig is a referral service that’s provided for free for anyone to use. It offers the best solution if you want to find out who has underground utilities in the area you’re working in.

DBYD, requested by Geelong Cable Locations
Dial Before You Dig request, completed by Geelong Cable Locations

However, please keep in mind that the plans provided from the asset owners though the Dial Before You Dig service are only a guide to inform you of what underground utilities are known to be in the area and they should always only be used as a guide.

If you want to know exactly where the underground cables and pipes are on your site, then you need to hire a professional locator to come out to the site and show you first hand where the buried services are so that nothing gets damaged.

Locating a telephone cable
Marking out the location of a underground telephone cable with white paint.

When choosing a locator to come on to your site, you should choose someone with experience and knowledge, and someone who is reputable and trustworthy, because, you may very well be putting your life in their hands.

At Geelong Cable Locations, locating and exposing underground cables and pipes is what we specialise in—in fact it’s all we do. We’re not plumbers, electricians, or excavator operators. We are cable locators and that is it.

Geelong Cable Locations was one of the first locating companies to be established in Victoria and, 17 years on, we are still the leaders in the industry. We service Melbourne, Geelong and all across Victoria.

Introduction to Geelong Cable Locations

Not sure who Geelong Cable Locations is, here is a quick video for you introducing ourselves.

If you need to know where the underground services are on your site, or even if you’re not sure whether you need a locator onsite or if just Dial Before You Dig plans will be good enough, then just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.

If you’re after more information about Dial Before You Dig, then click this link: it’ll take you to a blog post we wrote, explaining how DBYD works; what the differences are between Geelong Cable Locations and DBYD; some of the hidden surprises that you need to be aware of with DBYD; and also a few myths and some tips to help you out when you use DBYD.