Underground planning

Question: Can you draw up a Plan for us of where all the Underground Services are Located onsite?


Yeah of course we can, our capabilities certainly don’t stop at just painting lines on the ground!

We can draw up a plan of our findings for you – everything from a simple GPS plotted drawing to a full survey – grade CAD drawing.

What we will generally do is get the CAD drawing of the site off you and then use our Trimble GPS to pick up all the marks that we put down on the ground of the underground services that we have located, either by EMF locating, ground penetrating radar or acoustic locating. We then postprocess the data that we picked up, export it out to AutoCAD and then overlay it onto the plan that you have supplied.

If you’re not constructing a commercial building and are just getting us to do some locating at your home, then it is highly unlikely you will have an existing CAD plan we use. That is ok, there are other options we have and ways of getting around it. Best bet is to get in touch with us, as well as letting us know you need some cable locating done, also tell us you would like to get a plan drawn up so you have a permanent record of where all the underground services are within your property.

We do also have a page on our website dedicated to surveying, underground service plotting and drafting. It goes into more detail and there are some examples of past jobs we have done. Here is the link to the page incase you want to look over it yourself www.geelongcablelocations.com.au/surveying