Question: There has been a burst water pipe and the houses are starting to flood. We don’t have time to wait around for Dial Before You Dig plans. We need to get this fixed ASAP, but we can’t start until everything is located that is in the area so we don’t damage anything. What can we do?


Dial Before You Dig can still assist with emergency excavation works. Use this link to contact the underground utility companies that have installations in the area of the works.

Ring each one and explain to them the situation. Some will send you the plans there and then while you are on the phone; others will talk you through what is onsite; some might even be able to send someone out to show you what they have in the area.

If it helps you at all, you can ask them to email the plans directly to us. We will throw them on the ipad and then come out and show you where everything is so you don’t hit anything.