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Service Locating

Digital Locating, also sometimes known as Service Locating or Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Locating, is the most common …

Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning is a non-destructive method of finding the location of steel reinforcing bars, post-tension cables and power cables …

Non-destructive Digging

Non Destructive Digging is a safe form of digging which offers the lowest chance of cables, pipes, tree roots from being damaged

Ground Penetrating Radar

What do you do when you know there’s an underground service in the area but you haven’t been able to find it using the standard digital locator?

Acoustic Locating

Geelong Cable Locations’ experienced technicians can detect domestic poly water pipes and non-conductive water mains by using acoustic locating techniques.

Surveying/ GPS Plotting/ Drafting

By combining GPS plotting and/or Surveying with our drafting service, you get to retain a plan of the underground utilities within your property.

Full Service Locating and Mapping with Project Management

For complex projects we can take on for you the burden of project management in addition to providing underground service locating.


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