How long does it take to locate the underground services coming into my house?

One of the most common question we get asked by homeowners, after we tell them what the cost is for us to come out and whether we can help them find what they are looking for is ‘How long does it take to locate the underground services coming into my house?’

Now for the majority of residential properties we tell them that it should take less than an hour. But it is a good question and if you have never used a cable locating company before then you really would have no idea what we actually do, let along how long it does take us.

So we thought why not set up the video camera on a job we went out to do for a customer and film the entire locate from start to finish, so that in the future when customers ask, we can still tell them that it should take less than an hour onsite, and that we actually had a video of us doing a job that they can watch, which might give them a better guide to how long the average house should take.

Although as you will probably see when you watch this video, this house did take longer than we first expected and we did come across a few issues.

So feel free to press the play button below and watch the video yourself.

Now again, please keep in mind this is only a guide.

I can tell you that before we did this particular job, we actually had a look on Google Earth first, it looks like a standard residential property and looked no different to any of the other properties we have done in the past, so thought it would be good to film. Had I known what I know now about the property I doubt I would have filmed it, although in saying that it is a good example of the fact that every property is different and we do have issues at some places from time to time due to the soil connectivity and the fact that some underground services are plastic and are harder to find than copper or steel pipelines.

Also if you live on acreage or need us to locate the underground services going in or around your factory or work premises, then it could take us a lot longer on site to locate where everything is.

If you do need any further information then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



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