Question: Why do we still need Dial Before You Dig plans when I know there is nothing out where we are digging? Really I just need you to come out and sign off on the paperwork to say that you have scanned the area.


Hahahha, ok a couple of things.

Firstly, the simple answer is, just like you want to tick off your box on your paperwork to say you have had a locator out to site, we of course need to do the same thing and tick off our box to say we have reviewed all the Dial Before You Dig plans for that particular site.

Ok, so now that the simple answer is out of the way, let’s get into it in a bit more detail.

So firstly, how do you know there is nothing out there, just because you can’t see any sign of underground services being in the area doesn’t mean there definitely isn’t any.

Could it be because someone else has told you that there is nothing out here? If so, then how did they know, could they have maybe done a DBYD request and it has come back saying there is nothing there?

Lastly, can I ask, why is it you don’t want to do a DBYD request to get plans back from them?

Is it because you feel they will take too long to come back and you need us out there sooner than that?

If so then you may be surprised just how fast plans comeback these days. We have actually done a video showing Ben Minutoli our manager doing a Dial Before You Dig request and then filing the computer as each plan comes back in, all in real time so that you can see exactly how long it does take. If you haven’t seen the video before, then click here to watch it.

Is it because you think it is too hard?

Well I can assure you it is very easy to do, even someone with very little computer experience should have no issues doing it. Dial Before You Dig themselves have even got some very easy to follow user guide so you can see how to do it.

And of course, don’t forget, we can always do the request for you.

We do strongly advise that you do your own request, this way you can read through all the duty of care information that comes with the plans, so that you are familiar with the rules and regulations for working within the vicinity of each underground asset in the area.

But for now, we can do the request for you if you like so atleast we can take a look at what underground assets are listed to be in the area, even if they are not on your particular site.