Locating Telstra Cables for Free, Saving You $$$

This is a little secret, Telstra don’t want you to know. Telstra will come out for free and locate the underground Telstra cables for you, for FREE!!!

Ok well that’s not exactly true. First off, it’s not a secret as such, Telstra actually have this information printed in plain english, that is clear and easy to read and is on the paper work they give out to every single person that request Dial Before You Dig plans, but of course not many people read all the conditions that come with the plans.

And the second bit of that first line is kind of misleading as well, its probably more on a rare occasion that they will come out and do locations for you, what is more likely to happen is that they will hire a Dig Before You Dig certified locator like all of us at Geelong Cable Locations, to come out and locate it for you.

To try and explain better and to show you what I mean by a network cable and weather you qualify at all or not, I have created this video, so I can kind of show you onsite with me, rather than just try to explain it in words.

Please click the button below to watch the video.

If after watching it, you are still confused, then just give us a call and I will be happy to look into your own situation and try and help explain it to you in more detail.



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