Can I avoid the paperwork

I normally use another guy and he doesn’t worry about getting all this paperwork stuff done. I rang him this morning, but he now says he won’t do locating any more. I asked him who to use and he suggested you guys. I rang up spoke to the girl on the phone and she wanted my email address to send forms out to me. Can’t you just come out without going through all of that crap?


It’s good to hear we are getting referrals: that was nice of your guy to recommend us. We actually find the majority of our work comes from referrals and repeat customers so I guess that must mean we are doing something right :)

Now in terms of your question: sorry, but no, we can’t just come out.

Our procedures are in place for a reason: if we follow them and tick all the boxes, we find the whole process goes off without any hassles down the track.

I’m not sure exactly what the issue is with the paperwork, but if it is a matter of printing it out, scanning it and sending it back, then, if it helps you can always just jump on our website and book the job in.

Plus the advantage of doing it that way is you get to book the job in at a time that suits you.