Non Destructive Digging Truck – Tentatively Booked in

Ok, so that is it, your all done. Thank you for making an online booking with us. A Non Destructive Digging truck has now been tentatively booked in.

We will now have a supervisor review the details you have given and confirm if we have everything that we need. They will then be in touch to either confirm the booking has been locked in, or to obtain additional information that may have been left off the online booking form.

So, now, in terms of the job itself, hopefully, you have filled out the booking form completely including the questions about;

  • backfilling
  • barricading
  • waste disposal

If you haven’t then be prepared as they will most likely be the first questions we ask you when we confirm your booking. We will also probably ask you questions about site access and also how close to the actual hole itself can we get with the truck. You will generally find that the closer to the hole we can park the faster the truck can suck up the mud. However, the truck does weigh 10 tonnes and can get bogged very easily so try and be aware of your site conditions before we arrive and let us know if you think we are not going to be able to get off the road.

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