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I get interviewed by IDS on why we brought the Opera Duo ground penetrating radar

Recently I was lucky enough to fly over to Italy and go to the IDS factory which is based just on the outskirts of Pisa. I meet up with the team that designed and build the new ground penetrating radar Opera Duo which we had recently brought.

I was able to discuss with them some of the finer points of the unit as well as look over some of the new and exciting gear they have that they are working on.

Whilst I was there they asked if it was possible to record an interview me on video, discussing some of the reason why I brought that particular unit over the others in the market place. Of course I was more than happy to oblige.

They have just sent me through a copy of the video and yes I do look a little silly in it, but hey if you know me then you know that is normally what I look like even when I’m not on camera :), so I thought well even though most of you are not looking at buying a GPR, I might as well still share the video with you all, enjoy the laugh.