Question: We don’t have time to wait for Dial Before You Dig plans. Can you just come out and we will sign a waiver to say that we accept full responsibility?


Sorry, but NO.

We have set rules in place for a reason. Over the years, as mistakes have been made, lessons have been learnt and procedures are put into place so similar mistakes don’t happen again.

Our procedures are the same as those recommended by Worksafe.

And I’m sorry, but just because somebody has forgotten to book in a locator, or a deadline has been pushed forward, or something else has come up that means you cannot wait, that does not mean we will ignore the rules we have in place.

Besides, it really doesn’t take that long to get plans back from DBYD. To prove it I did a video in which I filmed myself doing a request. Take a look, you will be surprised on how fast the plans do come back these day.