Can you come to Melbourne?

Question: I have a job in Melbourne that I need to be done, but can’t find anyone up this way and your company keeps coming up on Google. Can you help out?


Yes, of course. We work in Melbourne all the time.

If anything we probably do more locating work in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs than we do in Geelong. We actually cover all of country Victoria, although to date we still haven’t worked in Mildura or Mallacoota. Yet!

Also depending on where you are in Melbourne you probably won’t pay anything for travel to and from site. It will depend on whereabouts of the job and what time you need us onsite, but please get in touch with us and let us know where the job is and we can confirm this for you.

Cable Locating throughout all of Victoria
We will work Melbourne, Geelong and anywhere else within Victoira