Dump dirt back into the hole

Question: We just went to book a job in on your website for the NDD truck as we need you to prove how deep the power, water, and Telstra is so we can design we put a sewer pipe. However, it has asked if we can dump the dirt onsite or if it is to be taken to the tip. Can’t you just put it back in the hole?


Hi, thanks for the question and thank you for booking it straight in via the website.

Now in relation to your question, no, we can’t just put the dirt we dig up straight back in the hole.

Let me go through it in a bit more detail for you.

When we dig up the dirt we use high – pressure water to break it up. This basically turns the dirt into mud. If we tip the mud back in the hole, the bottom of it won’t dry. The hole will never compact, and will always need to be roped off to prevent a tripping hazard.

Ideally what we would like to do is leave the mud onsite spread out in an area out of the way. After a month or so, it will be dry enough for you to move it to where you need it.

If the mud can’t be left onsite, then we can take it to the tip for you – although keep in mind there will be additional charges.