About Us

Geelong Cable Locations has a rich history and proven track record in delivering high-quality underground utility service locating, and the work we do has gained us national recognition.

Whether you’re a large corporation, a major contractor or a government authority undertaking a major construction or engineering project, or you’re a smaller contractor or even just a private homeowner looking to build a fence or do an extension at home,  Geelong Cable Locations can help you.



How we got started

Sam Minutoli, the father of the current managing director Ben Minutoli, founded Geelong Cable Locations in 1998. Sam worked for Telstra for 25 years before spotting an opportunity to start his own business when Telstra closed its in-house cable locating division. Sam’s business was an instant success thanks to his vast array of contacts within the Geelong construction industry and his extensive experience in the field.

Ben states that, while it doesn’t happen as much these days as it uses to, he still does, every now and then get a few of the older guys asking how ‘Sam the Telecom man’ is doing, which is what his father use to commonly be known as, back in the day. 

Since then, Geelong Cable Locations has expanded to include a range of other services all focused on the damage protection of underground utilities – a decision welcomed by many contractors and government authorities not only around Geelong but also right across Victoria.

This has set Geelong Cable Locations to become one of the most respected underground utility locating businesses not only within Victoria but Australia wide.

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