Acoustic Locating

You’re probably aware that modern water pipes are often made from non-conductive materials (as in plastic pipes). This prevents them from rusting and plastic is cheaper than copper, but it can make it difficult for you to find them using traditional location techniques.

Acoustic Locating is often an ideal method to use in these circumstances.

Using Acoustic locating techniques to detect a poly plastic pipe


Geelong Cable Locations’ experienced technicians can detect domestic poly water pipes and non-conductive water mains by using a water leak detector and pulse generator specially designed for locating underground water pipes.

If you have underground water pipes onsite that are plastic and you need them located, then call us and let’s see if we can help you out. 

Using the acoustic locator to locate plastic water service that has no trace wire and is going from the meter to the main on the other side of the road
Using an acoustic hammer chain clamp to locate where this plastic water pipe goes.
Pulse generator connected to a fire hydrant so that we can use the acoustic locator to try and locate where the water main is
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