Performing a concrete slab scan so that a core hole can be safely drilled Doing a 3D concrete scan Performing concrete scanning of slab Geelong Cable Locations using a concrete scanner to scan the slabs before coring and chasing are to be done Upper and lower reinforcing bars, crossbars, a whole separate section of reinforcing bars and a couple of unknowns also found, all within the area the client wants to drill, lucky they called us out :)


You’d be forgiven for thinking that it may be impossible to locate cables inside concrete slabs or concreted areas. But we can still assist you!

Concrete Scanning is a non-destructive method of finding the location of steel reinforcing bars, post tension cables and power cables within concrete.

Geelong Cable Locations has the latest concrete scanning equipment that sends bands of electromagnetic radiation into concrete and senses objects that are of a different density from the concrete.

This information is then read via radar – giving our technician information that helps identify the object.

Whether you’re a large contractor working on a huge project or a home renovator, and no matter where you are in Victoria, we can apply Concrete Scanning to help you. Just get in touch now.

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