Hit cable inside our area

Question: What happens if you located a power cable as being outside our area of works, and we then dig and hit that same power cable inside our area of works?


Did you dig down and prove the cable was where we said it was? If you didn’t, then we’re sorry but everything we locate needs to be proven to confirm its presence.

If, however, you did dig down and found that very power cable exactly where we said it would be, and if we had the path for that power cable going away from your works area, then you have every right to make a claim against us.

In general, as long as you have done everything that is (a) within the duty of care of the asset owner that came with the Dial Before You Dig plans, and (b) within our duty of care/terms and conditions, then really you should not be to blame for the incident.

Call us as soon as possible after the incident happens, so we can come out and do an incident report.