Beware, some houses have two underground gas pipes

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These are the two types of underground gas pipes
The smaller pipe on the left is the lower pressure gas.

At some older properties and houses, you will sometimes find that there are two underground gas pipes.

The reason for this is that, even though the gas in the area has been upgraded to high-pressure gas, there will still be a low or medium pressure gas pipe, laid underground within the ground of the property. 

And whilst it probably won’t be connected to the actual gas main anymore, it can still be a pain to deal with and cause interference with whatever works are happening at the property.


The yellow is gas and the blue is water, as is the standard in the industry.
The yellow paint markings on the ground are the gas pipes.

If we can, we always try to make the effort to locate these older pipes, even though they are not in use anymore. This way the landscaper or fencing contractor or plumber or electrician or whomever it is that is doing the works at the property can be aware of exactly where all the pipes onsite are and can then either remove the old ones or try and work around them.


DISCLAIMER – Seeing we are discussing old abandoned cables and pipes, I should really make one thing clear so there is no confusion.

We are private contractors, we are not employees of the gas company or Telstra or any of the utility authorities. Despite our accreditations and approvals from utility companies to locate their underground assets, we are not authorised to give you permission to cut through any assets, despite the fact that we may think it is old and not in use anymore.

In the video, you will see that the gas pipe we connected to had a cap on it, sealing the pipe. Who’s to say that this pipe was not still live and was simply capped off. Now we don’t think it was, as there is only a high-pressure gas main in the street. But the point being, we just want to give you the heads up in advance, that whilst we can
locate old abandoned services, we are not authorised to give you permission to remove them when you do your works on site.

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