Locating underground utilities within a school

After we finished locating the cables and pipe arond the grounds of a local school the other day, I thought I would grab the camera out and shoot a quick video to show some of the underground utilities that we found onsite.

Locating at schools, caravan parks, hospitals and universities are always the hardest places to doing underground utility detection. That is because they are constantly adding additional services underground, building extensions and tearing stuff down and rebuilding again. They generally always have poor as built plans and the stuff that is in the ground is nearly never done to regulation.

But in saying all that, I do love it as it is a great challenge.

At this particular school they are planning on  to put up a fence and want to figure out where the existing buried services are so they don’t get damaged when they drill in there new fence posts.

It turns out they were very lucky they got a specialist cable and pipe locator out to site, because if they didn’t and went ahead without locations there would have been major issues.

After finishing the sub-surface detection, they knew where not to dig and can now go ahead and put up their fence without worrying about what is underground.


***In the video you will see I stuffed up. The camera is too high so you can’t see where the fence is actually going.***

So here is a photo I took on the day with some notes to help explain the scene a bit better

Fire service and water pipe marked out so that they don't get damaged
In this photo you will see where the fence was going to be installed, until we found where the water was, fire service, gas pipes and power cables all were. The fence can now be installed without worrying about hitting any of these.


If we can help you find your water pipes, gas pipes, fire mains or power cables like we did at this school, or if you just have a general question, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



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